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Born and raised in Bellingham, Nick has spent over half his life committed to youth development in one form or another.  While attending Western Washington University, Nick worked at the local Boys & Girls Club where he also volunteered as a youth basketball and baseball coach.  His baseball coaching career ended up lasting over a decade during which time he was able to coach in the Cal Ripken and Pony systems and finally spent quite a few years with the Cascade Crush program.  All the while, Nick continued to attend Western where he earned: a bachelor of arts in humanities and social sciences, a minor in business administration, a masters of education and Washington State teacher and principal certificates.  After serving as a teacher and dean of students in Bellingham, Nick is currently the principal at Kendall Elementary in the Mount Baker School District.


After stepping away from baseball to focus on his educational career, he's looking forward to returning to the game that gave him so much.  Nick intends to manage the behind-the-scenes aspects of 1-FOR-1 by combining his extensive experience with youth athletics and formal education in the management and sustainability of systems.  It is through these efforts that Nick is committed to working tirelessly to support young athletes and their families at 1-FOR-1 on their journey to achieve all of their goals.  

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